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About Liger™

Liger™ is a leading manufacturer of premium electronics at unbeatable prices. From the highest quality Bluetooth technology, to headphones, chargers and digital hardware, we are committed to developing innovative products that blend aesthetic value with functionality. Customized for user appeal in our Brooklyn design lab, our products consistently deliver stylish, affordable goods that can be found online and at many US retailers.

We like to think of Liger™ as a five-letter word for innovation. We’ve made it our mission to change the world by creating products that enhance and enrich the lives of our customers. As our company grows and our product catalogue extends, we are constantly expanding our horizons to seek out new possibilities, not just in the tech industry, but within ecommerce as a whole. In our quickly-changing world, it’s clear that listening is just as important as creating, and that’s what we aim to do.

Our providers include online, retail shops and overseas shops. By pleasing customers, developing strong partnerships, and consistently improving our products, we hope to make life just a little easier.

The Liger™ Team